• Sanvijay Steels

    Sanvijay Steels

    (Steel for Transmission)

  • Haldiram's Nagpur

    Haldiram's Nagpur

    (Indian Snacks)




The SEZ sector, a Multi-Product SEZ being promoted by a group of entrepreneurs with no public funds involved, has been on uphill climb.

This defines the grit and determination coupled with a pragmatic set of values inculcated into shaping the project.


Brings on the table, the ability to spend big an infrastructure. All facets of infrastructure are well attended to avoid creeks and bottle necks.


Contribution has been its ability to analyze in detail, for the creation of a platform for investors, from where they can only move forward.

A Sobisco group

Underlines its value building brick by brick.

The dovetailing the skills of the magnificent 3 has contributed in creating a platform where investor, industry, clusters can walk in and begin activity.